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Early plans

Christmas isn’t even around the corner and my friend already has her Christmas plans all ready. Over lunch, she told me that she plans to surprise her son with musicians friend contact before treating her family to a surprise breakfast made of waffles and sunny-side up eggs. I asked her if she already has an agenda for Thanksgiving as well, but she said no. I said I didn’t believe her!

The music

I was at an event last week and there was loud music playing over the speakers. I was saying that the sound quality of the speakers was really good because I could hear every word of the song being played despite the buzzing of people speaking. A man overheard me and told me that the mackie speakers at guitarcenter.com are one of the best speakers out there. Well, I definitely learned something new!

Theme song

The Olympics are coming up. I wonder what this year’s theme song will be? Maybe they will use more exotic musical instruments like the marching french horn. They’ve had some really good theme songs that have been truly inspiring. Frankly I’m quite excited and can’t wait to hear what theme song they will have in store for us this year and who will be singing it.

Going against the grain

Do kids that grow up in families of chefs naturally want to become chefs? A friend recently asked me this question. She and her husband think her son should take after the family tradition and become a chef. But he’s more interested in Fender Bassbreaker Tube Guitar Amps. So what’s a parent to do? I would say, let him go with what he’s passionate about.

What’s he talking about?

Over dinner, a friend was lamenting how he can no longer understand his son. His son seems to speak a different language these days. When he starts mumbling about things like qsc gx7 at MF, he could go on and on leaving my friend shaking his head.

While he’s happy his son is making a good living playing gigs, their dinner conversations are inherently about music, something that my friend, the engineer, doesn’t know much about at all. Hahaha!


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