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Food for the eyes

As you know, we’re constantly on the lookout for new and interesting food. It’s so much fun trying out something you’ve never tasted before, or which is a twist from what you know and love.

Chefs are getting more creative so it’s not uncommon to be pleasantly surprised by what turns up at your table. Who knows if you might find an exotic flower, an animal-shaped fruit, or even a kent comb adorning the plate that appears in front of you? Isn’t it great that food is no longer for appeasing your tastebuds alone?

Ye carolers

Seems like that time of year again. Bah humbug! I love everything Christmas-y! I think it’s the music that really brings on the spirit and atmosphere. Yup, ye carolers must be busting out their guitars and Fender ’68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb and practising hard as we speak. They’ll be at the mall, outside restaurants, showing up at front doors, it’s going to be great!

Music and fun fair

Plans for the weekend? Well, I don’t know. The local fair is in town so I’m thinking of bringing the kids out there for a day of fun and games now that the weather is cooling down some. Tickets are not cheap but awesome music and food abound, so what’s not to like? A couple of country bands that I like will be playing there so it looks like fun for the whole family.

That fest

Wow, is it Oktoberfest again? I only just found out. Yup, not that I’m going to be missing the booze or anything. I’m all about the music. To me, the best thing about Oktoberfest is the lively music coming from evh wolfgang. While my friends drink themselves silly, I’m tapping my feet and munching the titbits. I’m cultured like that :lol: and then I get to drive everyone home.

Music for the fish

A friend’s daughter has recently opened a fish and chips restaurant in a posh area of town. We’re all so excited for her seeing as this is her first business venture after finishing college. When you have rich parents, I guess it’s possible to dive straight into business without the risk concerns.

Anyhoo, the restaurant is small but chic and the young lady is looking into creating an even better ambience with the help of musicansfriend. There’s been a lot of discussion. I wonder what kind of music they will decide on.

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