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New beginnings

Spring weddings are quite popular. I was reminded of this when I witnessed a couple seated at a table across from us at dinner looking at the pair of Reeds wedding rings they’d probably just purchased. They were passing the box back and forth and seemed over the moon.

Indeed spring is a wonderful time for weddings. It’s a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. I can imagine that many places will be booked up already by now.

Spring, will you be here soon?

Spring is absolutely showing no signs of coming around any time soon. I’m kinda looking forward to all the outdoor activities that spring offers, like the farmers’ market, biking and outdoor fairs with lots of food and music to enjoy.

Last year, we went to a fair where there was an amazing band playing and we thought it was neat one of the musicians was using a classic alto sax mouthpiece which we’ve rarely seen. With hands laden with food, we stood in the crowd and enjoyed the lively atmosphere for a long while. Can’t wait to do it again soon.

Musical themed restaurant

We recently visited a restaurant downtown which has a pretty neat concept. The furniture there are replicas of musical instruments so your table might be in the same of a piano and the chairs could be a giant castanet, for instance. When we got there, the place was pretty full and we had to wait for quite a while.

In an adjoining area of the restaurant, there are musical instruments keyboards piano at guitar center on display. The items are for sale and diners or anyone else can walk in and make a purchase. It’s pretty clear the owner must be a huge music enthusiast.

Better tasting cookies?

I’ve been doing a lot of baking these days. It’s become a habit of mine to listen to music while I wait for the cookies to bake. I don’t really have the patience to wait but music especially if it’s bob reeves 43d at WWBW, seems to make the time pass more quickly :grin: .

They say if you talk to your plants, they will grow quickly. In this case, if you put on music for your cookies, they will bake more quickly and come out much better tasting, no?

Not your run of the mill

A friend of mine is planning to start his own breakfast place since these are looking to be the trend these days. But he is toying with the idea of having a live band play at the entrance to the restaurant, you know, maybe hire some guy who has gotten a dbx 223xl at guitar center and needs a gig to help pay for it.

Great idea, I say, at least it will be different and more exciting than the regular run of the mill breakfast place. I would definitely love watching a live band while I eat my oatmeal.

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