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#Summer #Chocolate #Cookie Selection

Summer Chocolate Cookie Selection

Two dozen of each of our bite size cookies chosen from three of our most popular gourmet chocolate cookies. To die for bars, double chocolate delights and chocolate fantasies.

Made from our exclusive blend of gourmet chocolate, real butter, eggs with no added preservatives. Shipped in a gift box with your message hand written on it.

Find chocolate gifts under $30 right here.

#FathersDay Beer-B-Q Bucket

Father’s Day Beer-B-Q Bucket

Our Beer-B-Q Buckets are the perfect Father’s Day gifts for Dad this year. This reusable stainless steel bucket is stocked with everything Dad needs to put on a gourmet barbeque meal.

These Father’s Day gift baskets include gourmet beef & burger rub, chicken & poultry rub, and pork & BBQ rub along with three delicious summer beers including Corona, Sam Adams Seasonal, and Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat.

So, if you want to send a Father’s Day Gift that your favorite Dad will really enjoy, send him a basket that is the perfect combination of Beer and BBQ. Save 15% offall desserts for Dad simply by using the code – Dad15 – at checkout. Limited time offer.

Gold bar chocolates

Back when I was a kid, I often looked forward to eating special treats that visiting relatives would bring, especially chocolate. It really didn’t matter what shape or form it was in, as long as it was chocolate.

Still, there was one particular kind of chocolate I found intriguing. It was in the shape of little gold bars. Funny, I know. Who would’ve thought to make chocolate in that shape. But there they were, and times when chocolate treats were rare, I found myself asking my grandmother where to buy gold bars. She was often puzzled and thought I was trying to be funny.

Fruit Twist #Popcorn Tin

Fruit Twist Popcorn Tin

Wouldn’t you love some gourmet fruit twist popcorn? Flavors include watermelon, green apple and blue raspberry.

Movie lovers unite! Send a popcorn basket to your loved one, just because.

Even better

Our baking weekends have all but fizzled out. But last week, I decided to bake a New York cheesecake for a friend’s birthday. I’ve never baked one before. I usually bake the regular one, not sure what it is but it’s definitely not New York. Anyhow if my cheesecake was sumptuous before, this one is even better. It’s soft, smooth and totally melts in the mouth.

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