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I can’t say enough good things about this little restaurant that we’ve been patronizing on, oh a weekly basis. We’re in often enough that the crew know us and our regular orders.

All we have to do is find a table (they don’t do seating), sit down and our order is promptly served to us. Quite honestly, I didn’t think they knew us on sight but apparently they do. How cool is that!!

I absolutely love their food and their service. I wish more restaurants are like this as we tend to be very loyal if we like the food.

Wrong name, no apology

We went to RR on a Saturday night and the place was packed with people waiting to get in. After we left our name with the counter, we sat back and waited for a table. Well, guess what? Pretty soon, it was obvious we were the only ones from our batch that were still waiting to be called.

A quick check revealed that the guy had written our name wrong so when he called out our name, we didn’t know it was us. And he promptly crossed our name off the list. Well, the name he had written down was a far cry from what it’s supposed to be. And I can’t think how he could make a mistake with a very common name that’s only 4 letters long.

Oh and he never bothered to apologize. And the service from that point on just went downhill all the way.

Musical themed restaurant

We recently visited a restaurant downtown which has a pretty neat concept. The furniture there are replicas of musical instruments so your table might be in the same of a piano and the chairs could be a giant castanet, for instance. When we got there, the place was pretty full and we had to wait for quite a while.

In an adjoining area of the restaurant, there are musical instruments keyboards piano at guitar center on display. The items are for sale and diners or anyone else can walk in and make a purchase. It’s pretty clear the owner must be a huge music enthusiast.

Great Thai food

We’ve been craving for some spicy Thai food… and it looks like we’ve finally found a tiny little unassuming restaurant that serves a great meal at very reasonable prices. We ordered seafood tom yam, green curry and fried eggplant and they all tasted great.

I also tried a glass of cold coffee which turned out to be a great choice. It’s super thick and not too sweet. And the family that owns this place is super friendly too. Looks like we’re definitely going back.

Cooking more

Much like the weather, I’ve been cooking up storm after storm. Definitely a change in pace for me as I’m doing more cooking at home than eating out. For one thing, eating out is expensive. For another, if you want to eat healthier, you really have to roll up your sleeves and cook. You can’t leave it to someone else to decide what goes in your meal any more. Anyone else cooking more and eating out less?

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