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The trouble with eating out

I like eating out. Saves me the trouble of cutting, cooking and washing up. What I don’t like about eating out is having to circle endlessly looking for a parking spot and waiting for a table at a crowded restaurant. I think these things really take the fun out of eating out. What are your pet peeves about eating out?

After the trend

Hot days call for cold drinks. In fact, I’m up for anything with ice in it. These days, I can’t resist an iced coffee, or a cool refreshing bubble tea. Indeed I tried bubble tea for the first time this week, haha, long after the craze is over. I’m not so much in it for the fad as for the need to down something cool.

On the trail of good food

We’re eating out a lot lately. And why not? If you know where to eat, it doesn’t have to be expensive. And we’re just finding that out. We don’t always eat fancy. But good-tasting food is a must.

So we set out to try new places to eat, sometimes at the recommendation of others, sometimes just by driving around and taking a chance with new eateries that we find. It’s becoming quite an adventure and we’re enjoying it very much.

Trying new food

One of the best things about living in a big city is the variety of international cuisine that you can savor at will. While I’m not the most adventurous of foodies, I do like to try the occasional new food that pique my fancy.

Right now, I’m into new ice cream flavors, and new exotic fruit drinks. Gives me something to look forward to whenever I’m out and about town. What new food are you into?

Food binge

Some friends of ours are in town for an international auto shipping convention and we took the opportunity to go on a food binge. We’ve realized there are so many great restaurants around town that we’ve never been to so we decided to make a list and try them all over the weekend.

Boy, was it one crazy weekend! Like a swarm of locusts, we descended on each location and ate our fill. Needless to say, some of us are going to be locked up in the gym all week this week :lol: .

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