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hotdogs @ 1901

When we eat out, hotdogs is usually never our first choice for a very simple reason. Teens have ravenous appetites and within a few minutes of eating a hotdog each, we’ll be having his conversation.

Any one of my kids: Mom, when are we having lunch?

Me: But we just had lunch 😯 !

Another of my kids: THAT was lunch???

The third one: Mom, I’m still hungry! *poor puppy dog eyes*

So you can see why hotdogs can only be a snack for us. Hotdogs are not cheap either if you eat them outside. So the kids know one is the limit! So 1901 isn’t something we do too often.

But this time, our excuse was we had a late breakfast so we were looking for a light lunch. We ordered the combo meal which comes with a free drink.

My son finished this Chicago Beef Hotdog in 3 chomps 😆 .

The girls prefer the New York Chicken.

Frankly I do too but decided to give the Texas Ted a try. It’s just as I like it, a little spicy.

toasty and fruity @ Juice Works

Raine suggested we stop by Juice Works for a drink on our way home from our morning errands. We have coupons for a breakfast combo of Toasty and Fruity which sounded really good to a couple of empty tummies.

Raine chose the Lychee Fruity blended drink and the Tomato Cheese toasty which turned out to be Mango Ham. Obviously the girl working the counter didn’t have a clue how to make a Toasty because right after we placed our order, she crawled under the counter and started making phone calls in hushed tones to find out what it was. Duh!

The toasty that was served to us looked like this. I took this picture with my PDA camera which was the only thing I had on me. Granted it’s not the clearest picture in the world but you can still see how wimpy and soggy that toast looks… and tastes. The next time we go to Juice Works, we’d better stick to their juicy blends.


Not satisfied with the toasty we had, I stopped by the grocery store on my way home and bought the ingredients to make my own toasties. In my next post, I’ll show you how to make robust and mouth-watering toasties that pack a crunch!

Subway sandwiches

The last time I had a submarine sandwich was in Mountain View, California where I spent an entire week eating nothing but.

Recently, we were at Jaya33 located just across the road from Jaya Supermarket. Actually these are the new premises of the old Jaya building which, from what I hear, is going to be torn down.

At any rate, we found a Subway restaurant there and we decided to have brunch there. We all ordered the half-foot sandwich, partly due to the price being 10 bucks for each 😯 .


This is the turkey breast sandwich the girls and I had. You get your choice of bread, fillings and sauces and seasonings. So that’s how we all ended up with different configurations.

This is the Italian sausage sandwich that Steev had. You can barely see the sausage! There’s maybe like 3 bologna-sized slices floating around in there.


And that really is the big difference between the huge, mile-high subs I had in the States which I could barely cram into my mouth … compared to these skimpy, mostly veggie ones that left us all still hungry after spending 50 bucks.

McDonald’s Prosperity Burger

I haven’t tasted the Prosperity Burger (yet) this year but my kids have and they’re smacking their lips!

This is the annual Chinese New Year treat we look forward to. It’s only available once a year and only for the one month before Chinese New Year.


There’s two choices – chicken or beef drenched in a rich, spicy black pepper sauce. I prefer the beef burger because beef packs an ooomph and somehow tastes better with the green pepper slices than chicken does.

This year, the combo comes with the Prosperity Green Tea. I suspect this fragrant jasmine green tea is the Pokka tea that’s sold in packs. Very refreshing on a hot day!

So grab it while it’s hot. You know the drill – eat, drink and prosper 😆 !!

chili dog fries @ Carl’s Jr

We had to go back. Once I’d had a taste of that Bacon Guacamole Cheeseburger at Carl’s Jr, I just knew I’d be back. Yes, me, the person who used to say “I hate burgers”.

Then I spied this listed in the top corner of their menu under ‘something’ Fries or Fries ‘something’. See, I was so excited at the prospect I didn’t even take note of what this is called.


So I’ll just call it Chili Dog Fries for now till I can go check out its real name. But I mean, this is seriously good so who cares what it’s called.

It’s good old french fries drowned in chili dog sauce and shredded mozzarella. I found it yummy but way too salty! They should’ve just left the salt out of the french fries and let the chili dog sauce and cheese do their sodium magic.

Because this is so-oo good, I’m going to try making a low-sodium version in my Experimental Kitchen. Later.

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