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From scratch, by hand

With school back in full swing, I’m more determined than ever to continue my baking pursuits. Teens are always hungry and with the long school days, the commercial air bread that we buy is hardly enough to keep them full for more than an hour. Seriously I’m tired of paying for air.

So I’ve started baking my own bread. And no, I do not own one of them funky bread machines that some of my friends have trained their maids to load up at 5 o’clock in the morning to churn away in time for breakfast.

If you fling a loaf of overnight bread machine bread at someone and they’re not wearing a helmet, you’ll probably make a hole in their head. That kind of bread is not for us. I make my bread from scratch by hand, the old school way and my teens love it. Their favorites are wholemeal nut loaves that taste so so good, even after a few days.

Nothing like good old chicken pot pie

One of our family favorites is the chicken pot pie. It’s been something of a comfort food (sorta) to the kids since they were little.

Of course, these days, instead of paying through our noses to eat this outside, I usually just whip this up at home using store-bought puff pastry. Store-bought is heaven-sent to busy moms like me who are trying to make lunch while looking through ads for Medical Office Manager Jobs and a bunch of other stuff.

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