Food binge

Some friends of ours are in town for an international auto shipping convention and we took the opportunity to go on a food binge. We’ve realized there are so many great restaurants around town that we’ve never been to so we decided to make a list and try them all over the weekend.

Boy, was it one crazy weekend! Like a swarm of locusts, we descended on each location and ate our fill. Needless to say, some of us are going to be locked up in the gym all week this week :lol: .

Barbecue time

How quickly June has arrived! I know a lot of people like to have barbecues at this time. It’s nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the cooling evening breeze, great food and good company. I have to say this though, I don’t envy the person manning the barbecue :lol: . It must be unbearably hot but then again, when it comes to good food, it’s worth it.

Cooking for my pet now?

Lately my daughters have been asking me to make pet food for our puppy. To be quite honest, I’m not really sure I want to. For one thing, I’m busy enough as it is, cooking for my kids, let alone cooking for the dog as well. I’d rather just go to and take the easy way out. My daughters insist home-cooked food is healthier for the dog. I guess that’s true, home-cooking is better all round. So I may just be looking for pet food recipes soon.


I can’t say enough good things about this little restaurant that we’ve been patronizing on, oh a weekly basis. We’re in often enough that the crew know us and our regular orders.

All we have to do is find a table (they don’t do seating), sit down and our order is promptly served to us. Quite honestly, I didn’t think they knew us on sight but apparently they do. How cool is that!!

I absolutely love their food and their service. I wish more restaurants are like this as we tend to be very loyal if we like the food.

Wrong name, no apology

We went to RR on a Saturday night and the place was packed with people waiting to get in. After we left our name with the counter, we sat back and waited for a table. Well, guess what? Pretty soon, it was obvious we were the only ones from our batch that were still waiting to be called.

A quick check revealed that the guy had written our name wrong so when he called out our name, we didn’t know it was us. And he promptly crossed our name off the list. Well, the name he had written down was a far cry from what it’s supposed to be. And I can’t think how he could make a mistake with a very common name that’s only 4 letters long.

Oh and he never bothered to apologize. And the service from that point on just went downhill all the way.

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