Seasonal grocery shopping

It’s Thanksgiving week, my favorite time of year. I love grocery shopping, what can I say? And seasonal food is once a year, all the more reason to enjoy grocery shopping. Not to mention, the lovely food samples they’re distributing. Omg, I could walk around and actually leave the grocery store feeling like I’ve just had a small meal from all the samples I’ve eaten. Lovin’ it!

Hidden guitarist

It seems hipster cafes are everywhere, and many have adopted interesting themes to stand out from the crowd. I passed by one the other day with a live guitarist playing a 5 string guitar almost out of sight. The music though was loud enough to attract anyone passing by. It’s only when they seat themselves that they will see the guitarist in the back of the cafe. I wonder if their food is as good as the music 😀 .

Eat, drink, and …

Is it me or are hipster cafes sprouting in every corner? I never noticed them before and quite honestly, what is so hip about them? For me, what’s more important is that the food or drink tastes good and is value for money. I don’t know about you guys but being seen as a hipster is not a factor when I’m looking for something good to appease my appetite or quench my thirst. I just want to eat, drink and be on my way. Happy June!

A little jig maybe?

While hanging out outside one of those trendy cafes the other day waiting for a friend, I could help but notice the music playing inside that had my feet tapping. Is that a ha3500 playing or what? Not that I would be able to tell, hahaha. All I know is that the music made me want to dance right there and then. And quite frankly, if I weren’t so worried about embarrassing myself, I might just have done a little jig right there.

Inspired by a pianist

My friend has recently been inspired to learn the piano and she plans to start taking Northampton Massachusetts piano lessons in the fall. Who inspired her? Well, read on.

One of the restaurants we used to visit to celebrate birthdays and special occasions has recently been converted to a bar and grill, complete with live music where performers liven up the night. Some nights of the week, I’m told, they have live piano music which is perfect for those who prefer a gentle serenade.

My friend, having visited this restaurant several times, has been captivated by the piano. If only I could play like that guy, she says, his music is enchanting. And it’s true. There’s nothing like listening to the gentle sounds of the piano while you enjoy a nice meal.

Of course, she would have to go through the stages of learning to play the piano. She’s not going to be able to play like him right away. It’s a journey that will take years of practice, and yet it’s something that can be achieved as long as she sets her mind to it.

Jeff, the teacher she found who gives Northampton Massachusetts piano lessons, comes highly recommended as a patient and experienced piano teacher with a sense of humor. He works with both adults and children of all ages so those looking to start themselves or their children off learning the piano should definitely check out the curriculum that Jeff has to offer.

If you’re like my friend who can barely contain her excitement, I say it’s best to strike while the iron is hot. I believe it’s when you’re most highly motivated that you’re most likely to succeed. Jeff offers free information sessions where you can find out more about how to get started. From the reviews, I’m pretty sure it will be a lot of fun and you will soon be proud of your new skill.

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