Barbecue season is here, almost

Is it warm enough for a barbecue yet in your neck of the woods? Well, if it isn’t, it soon will be. I have to admit I’m somewhat of a noob when it comes to barbecues. The only few barbecues I’ve been to are the ones operated by caterers at outdoor parties.Not that I’ve even needed to get my hands dirty.

There was one occasion when a friend suggested we have a barbecue in my yard. I have a small grill, not a barbecue pit, which was gifted to me and which I so rarely use that it’s collecting dust in some corner of my house somewhere.

The funny thing is that a barbecue is probably the last thing I would dream to do, considering that temperatures are already in the 90’s even as we speak. Seriously I’d had to be the one standing by the grill all night. It would be like being in a sauna 😆 .

Anyhoo this friend of mine had this brilliant plan to grill the heck out of my poor little grill. I finally gave in and offered to fill the shopping list she so graciously gave me. She meantime would call our group of girl friends, and supply the beer and get us whatever Coors merchandise at she thought we would need for the event.

As it turned out, the event was a success. Much to my surprise, no one complained about the sweltering heat. Except me, of course. I really would rather have dined in air-conditioned comfort but I do agree it was more fun than I expected.

Recently my dear friend again suggested the idea of having another barbecue, this time in her yard, to which I promptly said, sure, as long as she installs a huge stand fan where I can park myself for the duration of the fest. What a good friend I am 😛 !

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