Such intense flavors

Now that CNY is officially over, it’s safe to eat Chinese again. We’ve avoided every and all Chinese restaurants during those 2 weeks and didn’t eat a single mouthful of raw fish salad this year. Very unconventional of us, I know but that’s how we roll :wink: .

To be honest, we’re really fussy about where and what we eat that we’ve just about run out of places to eat. There are so many places we would never, ever go to for various reasons. Just strolling around the mall, we chanced upon this Taiwanese restaurant. I don’t think we’ve (ever) had Taiwanese food before but the menu looked okay. So we stepped inside, shorts, flip-flops, jansport back packs and all.

At this point, I have to confess I don’t remember the names of the dishes. I didn’t think to write them down either. But this is the chicken in 3 varieties of sauces, or something like that. Pretty good but the flavors are way too intense for me.

The sweet and sour fish has much more flavor than the regular ones you normally get.

The mixed veggie is a refreshing combination of asparagus, peppers and a bunch of other stuff.

Quite a different preparation of squid to the ones we have tasted.

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