a good strong cup of Shock coffee

Do you like coffee? I do, and last week, when I lost one whole night of sleep to a series of ah-choos, I really needed a good, strong cup of coffee to help me stay awake the next day. I wish I’d bought myself a Ground Coffee “Energy Blend”, no kiddin’.

Shock Coffee is, as the name suggests, hyper-caffeinated coffee and if that can’t keep you awake, I don’t know what can!! It also makes the best-tasting cup of coffee. You can check their Shock Coffee Starter Kit if you want to try it out for yourself. Or order their Shock Coffee Gift Set as a gift.

It’s definitely cheaper to brew your own coffee, not to mention the wonderful smell that will fill your house. Instead of going out with friends to a designer coffee house, just invite them over and brew yourself a great get-together 😀 .

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