Drummin’ it up

My friend’s restaurant will be opening soon and she plans to feature a live music band instead of piped-in music. I told her it’s a great idea.

Her son has volunteered to join the band as its drummer. While she’s busy with all the nitty-gritty of setting up her restaurant operations, her son has set his eyes on the fact that the Guitar Center has, yamaha drum sets at a great price!!

Looks like it’s going to be one heckuva of a setup.

Too salty

A question that often comes to my mind when eating out is, why is the food so salty? Why doesn’t the chef taste the food and fine tune their recipes before putting it out there?

There’d be a lot more great-tasting food if restaurants would just check their salt levels. It’s a shame that this happens far too often. I’m thinking of the lunch I just had which would’ve been 100 times more tasty if it hadn’t been so salty.

Cafe gig

My friend’s son has long wanted to be a musician much to his parents’ disapproval. But then again, his parents soon realized there was nothing they could do to stop him from pursuing his dreams.

So now, they’re really happy that he’s recently scored a gig playing part-time at a local cafe on weekend nights. In fact, my friend even helped his busy son research reasonably priced musical instruments and pointed him to the banjolele available at Musicians Friend that he should consider buying.

Service charge for no service

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to eat when you’re out on a weekend. There are so many things to distract you from your decision. And that’s what happened to me. So when we were walking past a cafe with tables outside, we just conveniently made our way over and sat down without much thought.

But then this turned out to be one of those restaurants where it says loud and clear on the banner outside that you will be charged a 10% service charge. When we were ready to order, we were expecting a waiter to come up to our table but none came.

We waited a while before we noticed there were pencils and order form slips at the table where WE were expected to write down our own orders. And when the waiter came up to collect the slip, he coolly informed us that one of our items was “out of stock”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at which point we got up and left.

And why ever not?? We’d be fools to pay 10% service charge and have to fill out our own order and can’t have what we want to eat!! lulz this restaurant must take its customers for idiots!

Saved by a cafe

As someone who knows next to nothing about musical instruments, that little cafe tucked in a corner of a music store is a savior. That’s where I went to enjoy a small cup of coffee while waiting for my kids to shop for their musical stuff.

Otherwise I’d be making a fuss and telling my kids they should shop online at akg microphones at guitarcenter.com instead of making me wait. Now they can browse while I rest my tired legs.

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